Is ContinueOnError=False inside Try Catch equal to ContinueOnError=True or workflow is supposed to terminate after the activity Timesout?

OnElementVanish.xaml (10.1 KB)

Update - Never mind I was able to terminate the workflow only for Activity Timeout Exception inside Catch. Is there an easy way to re-order catch blocks.I would like to bring my Timeout Exception to the top.

I’ve reordered the catch blocks by directly opening the xaml in notepad and reordering the catch blocks there. later re-opening the xaml in studio reflects the changes.

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Thanks Akhi!! I can live with it for now.

In theory it should catch the most specific one, see here:

In practice it’s mostly like that, although there were some iffy caching issues that made it catch into wrong section. Couldn’t replicate though.


Strange,for me its always executing the Exception Catch and I was thinking since other exceptions are derived from Exception class and since Exception is on the top its not going further anymore.May be I’m using wrong class for Activity TimeoutException. Let me check.

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Great, it worked irrespective of the order. I was using wrong class.Thanks!