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I am unable to identify the error where occurs…

Point 1) I am unable to run the hash code means acme is automatically login but not generating Hash security code.
Point 2) In Screen shot “Loading assets in_Credentials fail”


@Priyahk check your asset name in workflow and orchestrator are same.


You have assigned wrong credential in your workflow. Check what you have created in Orchestrator in the assets.


I am getting same error



Hi! Keep the config inside the data folder! Not inside subfolders inside data folder!
Then keep the in_config argument as : “Data\Config.xlsx”
This might work!


Niket Ghai


What asset name you have defined in the orchestrator you have to hive the same name in the activity called get Asset Value.


Hi! “Data\Config.xlsx” its a path i was given … config file inside the data folder only Sir…
Thank you sir


Hi! Sir, System1_Credentials in Orchestrator … in get asset value where i need to assign…?
in below screen where need to assign…?

Thank u sir


@Priyahk Give “System1_Credentials” in asset name property instead of row(“Asset”).ToString


In the AssetName field you have to pass it.if you are getting asset name from excel then check is there any space then in that case you have to trim it.


Hi! Sir, One more Error,

Applications failed to close normally. Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: at Source: Invoke SHA1Online_Close workflow: Attach Browser ‘iexplore.exe SHA1’

How to do that…
Thank you Sir


@Priyahk I think u should edit selectors and make it has general by using wild cards.


Hi Sir,

How to use Wild card selector in open browser… i know in note pad Like., Edit selector, Attach Live element.
But i don’t know how to use in open browser.
My main Process now to do is…
Step 1: I need to open SHA1 Online browser and select it.
Step 2: I need to close tab.

Thank you Sir


@Priyahk can u share attach browser selector?


Hi sir,

SHA1Online_Close.xaml (5.5 KB)

Thank you sir


@Priyahk i opened sha1Online webpage and i run your code it is closing tab correctly.


Hi sir,

Is it… but after execution my complete code… its thrown error about ui element …
What can i do now… any solution sir

Thank you sir


@Priyahk just open sha1online webpage separately, keep the webpage open and run xaml file which is posted above. check whether it is closing or not.


Hi Sir,

Yes its working separately, but my bad luck it was throws error … once see below images sir.

Thank you sir


@Priyahk while running your workflow will it open sha1online webpage?