07/02/2018 15:32:54 Loading asset in_Credential failed: Could not find an asset with this name. Error code: 1002

Hi, am unable to finish, level 3 assignment 1. due to below exception. please help: thanks in advance!!

create your asset in Orchestrator as type is credentials

Hi rajsekhar, i have already created credentials in orchestrator.

Hey @ravisha

Quick question - You are defining it in configuration file in Settings Tab or in Asset Tab?


in Asset tab.

Gotcha @ravisha

Mentione it in Settings tab :slight_smile: Credentails.


you mean in config file. if yes,I mentioned in settings tab.

Hey Mate

in above screenshot (Before one) Asset Name is System1_Credentials so assign it in value part.


am getting below exception. i changed in config file, orchrstrator, and in getapp credentials

Loading asset in_Credential failed: Invalid asset type. For credentials use Get Credential activity


you are accsessing a config file value and using Reframwork so it will initialize all config values inside a dictionary so to access that check you argument value and use like this In_Config(“your asset name”)


Hi, is this okay.

Hi @ravisha,

You are good to go to next step.


Hi Rahmat,
getting below two exceptions.
Loading asset in_Credential failed: Could not find an asset with this name. Error code: 1002

Applications failed to close normally. Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: at Source: Invoke System1_Close workflow: Attach Browser 'iexplore.exe ACME’

Could you share your xaml?

Main.xaml (59.3 KB)

Dear @ravisha

You have to clear basics first about argument passing from main file Init Application you will get In_Config argument as a dictionary then you have to use as i mentioned in above post as well:

In_Config(“your assent name”)


she changed use hardcode “In_Config” instead of Config Object.

for @ravisha,

I couldn’t help you if you only sent main.xaml. I want you to send 1 folder of REFramework.

i hope this is the argument. if same, i have modified

Could you screen shoot the asset list on your Orchestrator.

yes, only one asset i have created.