Connection between Robot and orchestrator

Please help! I’m unable to connect orchestrator and Robot as per the Orchestrator 2018.2 Training videos Part 2, For connection orchestrator and Robot instructions given as follows:

1). Got to orchestrator Click “Robots”
2). Click on “+” sign under Robots tab
3). Popup window will open with “Key*”, Machine, Name, Password etc.
4). From computer tray, open Robot setting and copy “Machine Name” and paste in New Robot popup window
5). Copy Robot Key from new Robot popup window (orchestrator) and paste in robot setting (local machine robot) and also paste orchestrator URL.

While in actual it’s not working in same way, when we are clicking on Robot “+”, Popup window is appearing with machine name, No Robot key find there and also “provisioning” tab is also missing

Please guide how to connect Robot with orchestrator


Connect your robot with orchestrator and refer the below link about how to connect robot to orchestrator.

Connecting Robots to Orchestrator

From Orchestrator and the UiPath Robot Settings Window ## Connecting the Robot to Orchestrator On the Robot machine, do the following: 1. Create a Robot, as explained here. 2. In the system tray,…

  1. Create machine in orchestrator after creating it you will get machine key copy it.
  2. Open the uipath robot tray settings and provide url as and machine key as the above key and connect.
  3. Create a new environment.
  4. Create a Robot, while creating a Robot,provide machine name(Machine name should be same as machine defined in machines tab),name, Domain\username, password you have to select which type of robot select Development as CE comes with 2 Free Development licenses.
  5. Publish the package to orchestrator.
  6. Create a process for that package, where you have to provide, package name, version and environment.
  7. Trigger the job, here you have to provide on which process and which robot you want to trigger the job.

Don’t forget to start the robot service from services.msc

In addition to that, how to get the machine key please read the below thread -