How Connect Robot to Orchestrator in Community Edition?

How to connect robot with the orchestrator?The tutorial video shows a “+” sign to add a robot but it’s missing in my orchestrator.


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You have to go to Robots page under Management section but not under Monitoring section.

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Thanks a lot…

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@ADITYA_MUKHERJEE I’m gonna assume that you’ve already provisioned a robot and a Machine to the Orchestrator itself. So, to connect the robot to your Orchestrator you need to go to the “Orchestrator Settings” of your Robot tray and provide the following info:


  1. Machine Name (as you provisioned in the CE Orchestrator)
  2. Orchestrator URL (
  3. Machine Key (you can get this from the Machine you provisioned in the Orchestrator)
    After providing all the necessary details click “connect”

And you should see this as the robot status:

This is where you can get all the machine info:


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I am having this problem.

Hello @ADITYA_MUKHERJEE please try doing the following:

  • Please double check that the orchestrator URL should just be the
  • Also don’t forget to put the Machine Key
  • If those don’t work restart your UiPath.Service.Host or UiPath.Service.UserHost (can be done via TaskManager) or if possible just try restarting your computer itself.

We’ll try troubleshooting further if the restart doesn’t work.

still not working…

after restarting it is saying invalid machine key though I am copying the exact number.

@ADITYA_MUKHERJEE please try disconnecting and inputting the necessary values again in the Orchestrator settings of the Robot tray. Make sure that you got the Machine key from the provisioned Machine in the Orchestrator itself.

@ADITYA_MUKHERJEE - Can you please check machine name and Environment name again.

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