No Key when creating a robot


I am trying to create a robot but there is no key to connect it to my machine. What am i missing?


Create a Robot in Orchestrator for your machine and you should find the key on the top of the new window. Copy paste that in your robot settings.

Hi @Acrom

WIth the new version 2018.3, you will first need to create a Machine - that’s were you can get your key for the robot.
After creating the Machine, you can assign your Robot to it via Orchestrator.

I have the same problem on my UiPath Orchestrator v 2018.3 when creating robot

Hello @rmfeliciano
I have found out how you need to do that. Just follow these steps

  1. Go the machine Tab, and create a Machine name which should be the same machine name as it shows in the UI robot tray settings. You will get a machine key and copy that key and paste it in the same UI robot tray settings. Enter the Orchestrator URL, which should be ‘’ if you are using the community edition of UIPath
  2. Then create a robot and select the machine you just created from drop down menu, enter the robot name (as you wish). Now the username needs to be your windows username which can be found in ‘C:\Users’ folder. Enter your windows password as well. Now the robot is created.
  3. Reinstall UI path community edition and it should have automatically updated to the latest version. Now when you try to run the project from UIPath, the robot you created will be automatically recognized and the execution will take place. If you need to run the project from orchestrator you will need to create a process and job as mentioned in the orchestrator course

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have a problem


thanks, it works!

But where is the key

Oh sorry, I have seen the machine key from the machine property
Thank you