How to generate a robot key in 2018.03 version of Orchestrator

I am trying to connect a robot with orchestrator but it is asking for Orchestrator url and Machine Key.

I have got the orchestrator url which is “” but what is machine key? Where should I get that?

I think in 2018.02 version we get that while adding a new robot in orchestrator but in 2018.03 version it is not there. So please help me to get the key.

Hi Venkatesh,

Provisioning the Robot to Orchestrator automatically generates Key!


Hi @voletivenki

With new version you have to first create a Machine which will generate the key. You also have to add your robot in Orchestrator and assign it to the machine.

Afterwards you can use the machine key in windows for the Robot to connect to Orchestrator.

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I have already create robot in orchestrator website (new version, without provision button).

From the picture, on create robot window, there is no robot key presented.
Where can I find robot key to put in robot.exe. For connecting the robot?

Please see the below link.

Go to Machines tab.Hover over your machine name and you would see an “information” logo as posted in the screenshot. Click on it and you get the machine

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