Connected, Unlicensed - When try to connect to Orchestrator

I’m trying to finish one of the practices from UiPath Academy.
In orchestrator I created Machine.
Then I try to connect UiPath Assistant to orchestrator and I’ve a message - Connected, Unlicensed.
What can I do to fix that issue?

@robert.ozog - Hi Robert, Welcome to the community.
Since you are using machine key, have you created/assigned robot in Orchestrator?

@JithinKP - Hi,
at this moment I don’t have any robot in Orchestrator, but I use to and it doesn’t change anything.
As well, when I connecting UIPath Assistant with Orchestrator _ connection Type - service URL. I can publish and run processes from UiPath Assistant or Orchestrator, without robot. It looks like connection via service URL is much “smarter” and works without issue.

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@robert.ozog - First of all, you won’t be able to run a process via orchestrator without a robot. In any case, robot-orchestrator execution will consume a bot license if you want to execute. Otherwise people will just buy Orchestrator license alone and take advantage of it right? (correct me if I am wrong) :slight_smile: If it’s 20.10, either your User has the Robot already enabled or you are talking about Personal Workspace feature I believe.