"Connected, Unlicensed" "Robot does not exist"

Hello Everyone, I’m having issues connecting a machine to Orchestrator. The company I work for bought a license and it has 1 license for unattended and 1 for testing. I was able to connect one machine with the unattended license but the other one I can’t get it to connect. I entered correctly the domain/Username and y copied the machine key correctly but still, it says “Connected, Unlicensed” “Robot does not exist”. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, can someone help me? Thanks in advance.


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May I know what type of license are you selecting at the time of creating other Robot ?


there are two major possibilities for this cause.

  1. you have not entered correct Orchestrator URL & Machine key provided by your company which is mapped with your system.
  2. Your Infrastructure team has not mapped your system with that Orchestrator URL or Machine key.

please check this possibilities, you may get resolved.

did you try restart your vm?

@jeffrey.cruz : Please check your Runtime ate Tenant > License allocation. See what are all the machines connected for the “unattended” and “testing (i hope it should be Non prod)”. if you see that the machine is not in the Testing runtime, it should be a connectivity problem. if more than 1 machine is connected in the runtime, you will get this “Connected, unlicensed” while connecting machine. In that case, edit your runtime and disable the other machines that are connected to the Testing, Automatically the machine which is unlicensed will be changing its status to “Connected, Licensed”.

Hope this helps, Let me know if it works.

Hi @jeffrey.cruz,

I understand that you are trying to connect 1 machine using unattended license and another machine using testing license?

If yes, please note that to be able to use testing license successfully, you need to also assign unattended license to same machine. Testing license can’t be used standalone.