Uipath Orchestrator&Assistant Showing unlicensed (Connected)

Hello All

Here i’m created Machine,Robot &Env and copyed the machinekey and Url from Orchestrator
and given to Assistent it’s showing like conneted and Unlicensed any one suggect me if i missed anything
Note: i have licenses

@sunil_hts ,

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Check the services.msc for the UiRobot service and restart and check once. If it is not working then restart the machine and check. Else you have to remove the machine and robot from orchestrator and add it again.

Check you have allocated the licenses from your host to tenant.

Thank you for quick replay @sarathi125

Yes i did the same but no luck still it’s showing unlicensed you can also see the Tenat licenses page. I have licenses for these Tenant

@sunil_hts ,

If you are a Enterprise license user then contact the UiPath Technical support team