How to connect Robot to Orchestrator version Community

Hi all,

i cant connect Robot to Orchestrator when use my company network. Pls tell me how to connect to ? Open port or another policy


hi tuanlm
In companies you have to identified the correct PC name of your computer because typically company use domain names for PC so that you have to correctly put you PC(machine) name to Orchestrator robot creation name.

then you can copy the key form process and paste in to your PC robot Key

Hi Maneesha,

i use version uipath community 18.4, no need robot key. I think network my commpany set policy do not allow UIPath stuido connect to . I want to ask what port to open to connect Uipath Stuido to Orchestrator by pass proxy or firewall


ahh yep then yes ,

check with your network administrator and ask him to allow PM firewall , if you dont have access for that ,
if not corrected , forward us the exact error , we will help