How to create the 2nd Dev robot in Orchestrator

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I have downloaded the community edition.I didn’t buy any licenses, I had created the 1st robot(Development type only) in the orchestrator, and it worked fine. As I know, I think I can create two free Dev robots in orchestrator. The problem is Username. The 1st robot I have used the computer name. So when I created the 2nd robot, I can’t use it again. So, how can I create the 2nd Dev robot ?

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Hi @Harvey, are you trying to create another robot to connect to the same username? If so, that is not possible. Only one robot can be connected to one user.


Hi @quihan Thanks for your answer! I downloaded the community edition, I only got one robot. How can I create other robots? Is it a problem about license ?:thinking:

Hi @Harvey, nope that is not because of the licenses. Is just you are provisioning a robot with the same machine name and username.:slight_smile:

Okay ~ @quihan So , how can I create other robots ? Could you please provide some information for me ? Thanks in advance !:grinning:

Hi @Harvey, do you have a Virtual Machine or another computer that has uirobot installed?

No, I don’t have. @quihan So, you mean if I want want to create other robot, I have to have virtual machine or other computers? Can I just install uirobot in other computers or VMs? I don’t know how to install uirobot separately. Because now I get my uirobot in the folder of Uipath installation. Could you give me some ideas ? Thanks ~:ok_man:

Hi @Harvey, its alright if you install UiPath studio and uirobot in the other machine. If you don’t need to edit workflow in the other machine, just install uirobot will do. But for community edition, you will get both.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much !:tada:

No worries @Harvey, happy automation :slight_smile: