Connect issue with corporate laptop while no connect issue with personal laptop

Hi UiPathers
Herewith my 1st post as a question.

Using the corporate laptop and UiPath CE, I can’t connect to Orchestrator.
When clicking Sign-in button (see attach), nothing happen.
When trying signin

from Studio or Assistant, I get timeout error.
Using the Machine key option, I get same results.

I checked on UiPath forum, googled the issue but now way solving the issue.

On a old personal laptop, I installed UiPath and clicking on Sign-in button directly succeeded: I can connect via Sign-in or via Studio/Assistant to Orchestrator.
But as this personal laptop is very slow, I can’t use it.
Any clue will be very appreciated.

Hi, check this post:

IP adress may be clue.


Hi Adrian,
Indeed, changing the IP solved the issue. Many thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @bernard.meseeuw

This one is intriguing. Could you let us know what do you change about the IP exactly? Were you previously using a VPN and disabled it, or were you on a different network and then switched it around?

This would make sense in case the previous VPN/other network had some sort of firewall that would interrupt the communication of UiPath Software with the internet, but I’m happy to learn the details to see if there is something that should be improved about the product :slight_smile:

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Hi @loginerror,

Please find my findings:

Working from home, when I connect:


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