Connect Cloud Orchestrator to Community Edition

I am attempting to connect my Community Edition Studio to my Orchestrator Cloud and it is not working. I have setup a machine within Orchestrator Cloud. I have attempted multiple ways to connect my studio to orchestrator.

  1. I have attempted to log in to my UiPath Assistant. After updating the Orchestrator preferences with my Cloud URL, I am unable to hit the Sign In button. (Hitting the Sign In button does nothing.)
  2. I attempted to use the machine key I copied from Orchestrator. When I enter the URL and the machine key, I am able to hit Connect, however everytime I attempt I recieve a message that “The Operation has timed out.”
  3. I attempted to do the same in UiPath Robot and received the same message as above.

Studio version, Assistant Version & Robot version 2020.10.4

The only thing I haven’t tried is completely removing studio. Would completely removing UiPath Studio remove assistant and robot, giving me a fresh start to try again? (Assistant and Robot do not show up in my add/remove programs.)

Any other ideas?


Welcome to forums

First check that you are not connected to any VPN

Follow below steps in documentation

If you still facing issue, share your screenshot with error message

Hope this helps you


Here’s the screenshot of my sign-in option. When I click on it, it does nothing.