Conditions for using the community license

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I’ve already tried to contact the support for this question but I’m not having any answer for weeks so I’m trying here.

I work for a company employing over 250 persons and generating over $5 millions in annual revenue (the minimum requirement for the Enterprise license).

The core activity of the company is to help people with disabilities to find employment.

For this one of branch of the company provides training to people with disabilities.
Even if it’s a for profit company, 90% of this service is covered by welfare’s services. (However more than 80% of our users are also exempt of the remaining 10%).

As the company wants to provide RPA training to users interested in learning RPA skills, I was wondering if they can learn it on the Community license or if they have to learn it with the Enterprise license. Which of course will be out of our allocated budget.

Note that our users are not employees of the company, however we provide them we laptop and the e-mail address that will be used to create UiPath accounts are linked to our company. Therefore I am not sure if they fall under the requirements for the Enterprise license or the Community license. The terms and conditions is a bit unclear about that part.

If any Uipath official or someone able to provide the answer is around here, thanks in advance for clarifying this.

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@loginerror Please give your suggestion here

for learning you can simply go with community license because there you can have a single unattended robot from orchestrator.

I was more concerned about legal use. As I don’t want to allow our users to use the Community license (on computers borrowed by the company, on their personal computer it goes without question they can use the Community) if according to the terms of use they are supposed to use the Enterprise license even if they are not employees.

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