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I’m using UiPath Community edition version 19.12.0-beta.61. I’m using the free edition, can I suggest this to my client? I also read the previous topic related to mine but I want to ask if the client’s revenue is not necessary for the terms and conditions of using uipath for free.
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Community Edition is always free with attend bots, but it’s for learning & development for anyone

But it doesn’t contain any commercial level license.if
any company requires to use it as production level they need to buy commercial edition

Because its setups and others bit of different from community education.
You can ask to your clients to use community edition for learning and development purposes but not for production

Refer the link for enterprise edition

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so you mean even if we don’t have more than $5 million annual revenues, if we will use uipath for production we need to get the license of enterprise edition?

btw, our company is considered as SMB but we are planning to use UIPath for our clients.
We are still required to buy the license right?
I’m sorry for having many questions, I don’t fully understand the terms yet.

Hi @josephivann

There can be different approaches on this. If your company is the service provider for your client, your company can purchase the enterprise Studio for development of the automation workflows and ask your client to purchase the robot license only so that they don’t need to bare the cost of the Studio. This is acceptable as they dont develop their workflows and you will be doing it.

If the client want to do the development inside their organization, then the client will have to purchase the Studio as well.

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando thank you for your answer.
Btw, If our company buys the studio and develop the workflows for the client, the client will buy the robot right? and we will be the one to deploy their workflows in their robot.

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Hey @josephivann

Exactly… that’s what I mentioned too. :slight_smile:

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okay sir thank you for helping me understand. Now I can make a report for my boss about the terms of use :sweat_smile:

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Awesome!! :slight_smile:

Have a great day ahead!!

btw what kind of robot should our client buy? is it the attended robot or the unattended one? and do you know if there is an updated price list? or the one on this site is the updated one.

This depends on the automation requirement of the client. That bro, you have to analyze their process and the to be process and then decide what is the best suitable option for them depending on the scenario.

They don’t have the updated price list available online as I know. So the best option would be to contact UiPath directly and get the pricing info. Or else, if you are a partner of UiPath, you can directly get the pricing through the UiPath regional partner coordinator located in your country…

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@josephivann Sorry for the late , I think @Lahiru.Fernando provide the better answer for your issue

And let me add some ,
If your client like smb they will just head on to attended bot because it’s very low cost but just give them the information that limitation of attended bot

And we happy to tell you that its possible to run attended bot like unattended bot with a first start of click

Attended automation available :heart_eyes::grinning:


thank you @Maneesha_de_silva and @Lahiru.Fernando for your answer! It helped me a lot.

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