UiPath Studio Community vs Enterprise Editions Compared

UiPath Studio Community & Enterprise Editions

What’s the difference between UiPath Studio CE and EE? Not much, actually.

Knowing the difference between the two was a stated UiPath Associate Exam objective in years past, although the explicit reference to community and enterprise studio editions is no longer there. Still, I think there’s a chance you might get asked a question on it on the exam.

The bottom line? Anything you create with UiPath Studio CE is just as valid and usable as something you create with UiPath Studio EE. They both use the same set of packages, the share the same set of activities, and the packages they create can be deployed to Orchestrator and leverage queues and assets equally well. So, anything UiPath Studio community can do, enterprise can do as well.

UiPath Studio Community and Enterprise Differences

The big difference? Well, licensing for one. You need to pay for UiPath Studio Enterprise, or at least sign up for the 60 day trial. UiPath Studio Community Edition is always free.

The other big difference? UiPath Studio CE will always update to the latest version, and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you want to download and install an older version of UiPath Studio and not have it update on you, you have to use UiPath Studio Enterprise.

This is important, because the UiPath Associate exam is on version 20.8, while the latest release as of writing is 21.4. So to work with the right version for the exam right now, you need the Enterprise edition.

But that’s it. As far as the RPA Automations they create, they are both the same. The packages you deploy from either of them is identical.