Community Edition-Restrictions and Clarification

Is there any restriction for organisation to use community edition?
like number of users ? annual revenue?

Here whats the diff between community and Enterprise Studio.?

Hi @KarthikBallary,
Here is information you are probably looking for:

Especially this part:

The Community Account allows individuals and SMB to use the UiPath Platform for their direct business purposes, and LB only to evaluate its suitability for their internal business requirements and for non-profit purposes (such as education, hackathons, individual or institutional research, trainings, private demonstrations of UiPath’s software).

Regarding SMB:

Small-to-Medium Business” or “SMB” meaning an organization, that, together with its Affiliates, collectively have (a) less than 250 machines (physical or virtual) or users and (b) less than, or the equivalent of, USD 5 (five) million in annual revenues…

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Thanks @Pablito
please clear my second doubt.
what is difference between community cloud and enterprise studio?
Which is best option to choose for LB?(pls find above attached image)

Hi @KarthikBallary

Community cloud includes the community version of the Orchestrator which is cloud based. This cloud service also provides license for Community version of Studio and the 3 robots provided by it.

The enterprise studio provides the studio and the robot as a trial version for 60 days. However, community version of robot, studio and orchestrator and free and receives updates frequently…

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@Lahiru.Fernando thanks for the info.
Is der any addtional cost in enterprise cloud if we need additional robos?
Is dat ok in community license if I download Uipath sudio and install in all sys and run automation projects(for non-profitable purpose)

In order to clarify this whom I need to contact? any complaince team of Uipath available pls share?

Kindly contact SALES TEAM of uipath

Cheers @KarthikBallary

For first question - Yes. In case of enterprise version you are buying licence for a robots and of course price depends of how many, which type etc. If you need to know details this is the case for Sales. @Palaniyappan gave you the link for contact.

Second question - Yes you can. Please check this document here:

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