Studio Community Edition - Large Corporation

Hi! I started studying UI Path(Studio Community Edition) using my personal PC at home. I am working for a large corporation. Can I use the same Studio Community Edition in our company? Example, to study and for project development. I understand we need appropriate license in Production environment.


in my opinion for study and learning purpose we can have community edition to create our work flows. in terms of every organization the best practice should be go with the enterprise trail license for 60 days and after that opt studio developer license for your development and non production bot license incase you go for un attended automation. it is cheaper than production licenses. for the production stuff you already aware off that we should use UiPath prod license for attended or un attended. i hope you will get some info on the license. please refer the below link on the licenses for more guidance. thanks.

Thanks for your reply!
Do you know where can I find the pricing for the following?

UiPath - Automation Developer - Named User
UiPath - Automation Developer - Multiuser


Refer below link for your reference

Hope this will help you