Compatibility between studio 19.9 & 19.4

I was trying to move a project from my 19.9 studio on my workstation to our 19.4 studio on a cloud machine and I’m getting missing or invalid activity for the most basic activities like type into and click. Are these versions of studio not compatible with each other?

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Go to packages and click on every single one then press update on each package that shows red.

So all of my packages match in version except 1 that is uipath.UIAutomation.Activities, and my workstation is on 19.8-Prerelease. When I change my workstation to 19.7 to match my cloud package I get the missing activities. I don’t remember updating my workstation to a pre-release but I feel like this is to be expected of pre-release packages. Do I need to re-do all of my processes or will these work when 19.8 becomes full release? I am simply trying to update current process that are working to better suit our needs for analysis and reporting so waiting a bit for that package to update fully is not a big deal.

Are you sure you’re moving from 2019.9 to 2019.4?

For what I’ve seen that’s not posible, because from 2019.7 and forward the project.settings file was upgraded from version 3.2 to 4.0 (see parameter schema version) thus not allowing backward compatibility from any project developed in 2019.7 or greater to an environment with version 2019.6 or lower.

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You are correct - older versions do not understand new features from new version. It doesn’t happen always, but often enough and is therefore not supported.

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