Uipath Studio version conflict between (2018.4.3 and 2019.10.0)

Hi Team,

We have developed the code in Uipath studio with community version(2019.10.0).
But the production System we have to use UiPath enterprise version(2018.4.3).
Will there be any problems/impact because of this.
If yes, how to overcome this please.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Palavesakumar , Welcome to the Uipath community forum

Yes , it will be a problem with the versions
This issue is because of mismatch of the package names & versions between 2 versions of the studios

What you can do is

First you need to select which activities packages you want to use
Go to Studio 2018 , and note down the current versions of that packages in that 2018 studio
Now come back to Community , downgrade the Package versions to match to the package versions of 2018 and develop your code

Hi Vinay,

Thanks for your reply.
will try above approach and will let you know.