Update UI Path Enterprise edition from 2018.4.5 to the latest one


My company has Licensed enterprise version of Ui Path -2018.4.5. Now I need to upgrade it to the latest one, please can someone assist me with the procedure.
Will it involve extra cost?


Hi @Faraz_Subhani,
The newest version of Studio you can download by entering platform.uipath.com and then:

Regarding any other thing like cost etc you can contact with you company dedicated Sales Partner.


@Pablito Thanks for your prompt response.

My another issue is that(not sure whether I should continue in the same thread or not).
My project is developed in 2019.8 community version and now we are migrating it to Enterprise 2018.4.5.
I am getting error for almost all the activities stating that ‘Activities are missing’.If I delete that activity and put again the error is resolved but this will not be feasible, please can you help me out, whether degrading is even possible or not?

UiPath is compatible up. If you are trying to open project from old version to new it should go without any problem. But in case of opposite way activities are not compatible. You can try to remove project.json file and open whole project from main.xaml file and then download all necessary packages. This might work but I not guarantee. It can be that those activities would need to be re-added from scratch.

More info here:

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Thanks Mate…

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