Make your package compatible with Studio 21.4

We would like to inform you about the latest Studio changes as our purpose is to make sure your activities will continue to work smoothly with our latest 21.2 Community Preview release and the upcoming 21.4 FTS release.

Starting from 21.2 Community Preview edition of UiPath Studio, there might be compatibility issues between existing activity packages and upcoming Studio versions. This is because Studio 21.2 (or higher) is multi-process as opposed to single-process. For instructions on how to update your Studio version, visit this documentation article. Please note that 21.2 is available only for Community EXE > Preview channel edition so please follow the instructions for Community.

To make sure your previously published packages work fine, please test them with 21.2 Community Preview edition of UiPath Studio. If your activities require updates due to compatibility issues, please take your time to address them and re-submit the listings on the Marketplace. This way, users of your listings will continue to benefit from them and eliminate the risk of bumping into issues.

If any difficulties occur, please contact us by March 22 using the contact form.
Should you have any questions - feel free to use the same form to reach out to us.

Hot areas to test:

  • Designers with custom pop-up windows
  • Wizards that are started from ribbon
  • Any current process-related logic
  • Any current main window-related logic

Truly appreciate your cooperation!

UiPath Marketplace Team



Hello Sophia,

thanks for your hint about the internal changes. This is very important for Custom Activity developers.

Here the status of my activities:

  • SAP GUI Info updated to SAP GUI 7.70 and successfully tested with UiPath 21.2
  • ABAP Runner updated and successfully tested with UiPath 21.2
  • UnRAR updated and successfully tested with with UiPath 21.2
  • AutoIt successfully tested with UiPath 21.2

All activities are now prepared to use it in x86 and x64 environments, they are all compiled with the anycpu platform switch.

Best regards


Hi Stefan,

Appreciate your response! Thank you for taking the time to test your activities and update them if needed.

If any questions arise - feel free to reach out to me.


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Studio 21.4 Community Stable is successfully released :tada: All of you (Marketplace publishers) should have received an email message from us informing you about this news and reminding you to test your previously published Marketplace activity packages with this Studio version to ensure there aren’t any compatibility issues.

Look into this if you haven’t done so yet :slightly_smiling_face:
Please fix the issues and update your Marketplace listings if the case.

Should there be questions - please use the following form.

Thank you!
UiPath Marketplace Team