Upgrading the Studio in version 2019.10.5 to the latest version

Hello everyone!

My company is planning to upgrading the version of its Uipath studio form 2019.10.5 to the latest version and asked me to do research on the concerns and impacts of upgrading. So is there any activities(including third party activities) that will be removed or deprecated if I upgrade the version?

Much thanks!!!

Hey @Man_Chun_Hei_Ken_CPFD_ITS

If they are the official UiPath libraries, there shouldn’t be anything to worry.

But anyway kindly check once this - https://docs.uipath.com/overview-guide/docs/compatibility-matrix


Hi @Man_Chun_Hei_Ken_CPFD_ITS,

If you are using non-Uipath custom activities, list these processes. There is a possibility that these activities may not be compatible with new versions.

Before installing, inform your system administrator that all your servers must be backup.


Hello @Man_Chun_Hei_Ken_CPFD_ITS

There can be small modifications required if you are updating to the latest version. Getting similar querie sin the forum as well. Also if you are using the custom activities, it may affect with the upgrade. Please go through the below documentation.