Compare the value is there or not in excel and get the corresponding column value

Hi guys,

I am working on ERP application. In this process i have stored a value in a variable by screen scraping.

Let, the stored value is = Virat.

What I have to do is compare this value(virat) with the excel column containing this value .

Demo-1.xlsx (8.6 KB)

If this two value matches I have to get the corresponding column value

From “Profession” column I have to get the value as “Cricketer”.

Can you please guide me??


MatchValue.xaml (7.3 KB)
Here you go, you can reference the attached file.

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

You can use Lookup Data Table

Here is workflow
Sequence.xaml (6.6 KB)

Hope it will work


Hey @nirmalya.sarkar! Let’s use the “Lookup DataTable” activity!

  • Step 1: Lets read your demo. I stored the read table in a dt variable “dt_test”

  • Step 2: I created an array with all the names of the table so that we could visualize a test in several cases.

  • Step 3: Let’s look at this array and use the “Look up DataTable” for each of the names.

  • Step 4: Let’s understand the properties of this activity.
    → Datatable is the table where we want to get our matches.
    → Lookup Column is the column where we want to look for the value we know, that is, in our case it is the name.
    → Target Column is the column where we want to find the value that we don’t know and want to find out, which in our case is Profession.
    → Output is the found value that we want to find out.

  • Step 5: We made a print to verify each correspondence.

  • Checking the result.

Hope this helps!

Adding the .xaml.
Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

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