Lookup Datatable (Showing in the Excel Column)

Hi All,

I’m trying to use lookup datatable to get the Excel file column data and insert into another Excel file column, I’m able to get the value but the value always not showing in the correct column. I have attached the file as below. Appreciate your help on this issue. Thanks.

Main.xaml (9.3 KB) project.json (938 Bytes)

test0.xlsx (8.4 KB) test1.xlsx (12.8 KB)

Example as below:
If 1st excel’s Order No. = 2nd excel’s OrderNo1 and 1st excel’s itemNo = 2nd excel’s itemNo1
then get the “Position No” and insert into 1st excel.

I got the Position No but always show in the column not I want as below.

This is the result I want to show in my 1st Excel.

Appreciate someone can help on this. Thanks

Hi Both Expect, not sure if you guys know about this or not.
@Srini84 @Parth_Doshi

Main.xaml (9.6 KB) project.json (938 Bytes)

Hi All,
Please ignore the file above, use these files instead. Thanks.

Hi All,

image Main.xaml (9.6 KB) project.json (938 Bytes)

I’m able to input to the correct column now, but not sure why I always get the same data as below screenshot.


Check as below

test.zip (23.2 KB)

Hope this may helps you


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Hi @Srini84,

This is work nicely for the testing data, but when it come to the real data as below. It’s not showing there. please assist. Thanks.

Main (1).xaml (18.2 KB) project.json (938 Bytes)
Completed_1st.xlsx (11.9 KB) Completed_2.xlsx (25.7 KB)


In IF condition make tempDB.Rows.Count > 0


Here the item no is same so you will get the same number

Hope this helps you


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Hi @Srini84

How can i avoid getting the same number ya? Thanks.


I have tried other way but unable to get the result i need, do you know how to getting the result but not same number? Thanks.