Compare Name and Value Pairs in a data table

Hi All,

I have one data table which contains two columns Name and Value. I have to compare the specific value in Name column and get the associated Value column data.
I have inserted the image where my data table looks like.

For Eg : If i want Name column data which has “AA” , i need the associate value for AA Name column, that means i need to get the output as “Test”
Can any one please help me out on this ?

Hi @ppratz,

  • read the excel using excel activity and store it in datatable
  • create a dictionary variable dictData<string,string> and initialize
  • loop the datatable using for each row
  • then assign like below

dictData(row("Name").ToString) = row("Value").ToString

  • use log activity to print


Can you please help in the code I’m bit confused


Check this workflow
test.xaml (8.3 KB)

Thanks for the quick reply.
But i want to get the “Value” column data into a variable based on “Name” column data.
For Eg., Based on the example i have provided, i want
“Test” value into a variable , “Excel Sheet” value into another variable ,“PDF” value into aother varaiable and so on…
Please help me on this.


As per your requirement the code will work check on the workflow once again