Compare Excel/Lookup Data Table without getting same value

Hi All,

I have 2 Excel file, I want to get the column result “Position” if the 1st excel’s Order No. = 2nd excel’s OrderNo and 1st excel’s ItemNo = 2nd excel’s ItemNo, if both condition is match, then I want to input the “Position” into 1st excel. Below is my sample file but i always getting the same result as below screenshot. Is anyone know what is the reason? Thanks.

Main.xaml (16.9 KB) – this is the first way
Main(1).xaml (10.0 KB) – this is the second way

Completed_1st.xlsx (16.3 KB) Completed_2.xlsx (25.9 KB)

Hey ack940129

I quickly solved it for you here in this workflow, Main.xaml (11.6 KB)

The intuition is that we want to iterate through each row in Excel1, then we check for a match in Excel2, if yes we can assign our boolean to true and write to the test column in Excel1 by our If.

Let me know, if that solved it?

For a complete reference in comparing two Excel sheets, you can check this: UiPath | Compare Two Excel Sheets (/Data Tables) and Delete Matching Rows | Tutorial - YouTube


Hi @AndersJensen,
thanks for your reply, but seems like the result is showing not really correct as below screenshot, it will showing duplicate also.

Yeah, but thats because your data in Excel1 is duplicate:
Row 2 = Row 5 = Row 8 etc.
Row 3 = Row 6 = Row 9 etc.

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Thanks man!!! it’s now work perfectly!!
You made my day!! so much appreciated!


Hi @AndersJensen,
I have similar issue and created topic for this:

The picture is:
But in my case I need to write range of Match cells into the first excel file - > new column,
then I need to delete rows that do not match.
Can you please advise how to do it?

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