Compare screen scrapes in loop?

Hi all,

I’m brand new here - as of about 48 hours ago.

I’ve been watching tutorials where I can find them, and trying to read through other forum posts, but haven’t found what I’m looking for. I’m having a hard time structuring a loop that will work with an If statement. After I write this I’m going hunting for examples to mull over.

What led to UIPath was the intent to build a robot that would monitor a website that basically has a rolling video/photo stream. What I wanted was whenever a photo (there might be text elements I can use for this variable that are more hidden, but I haven’t been able to get the logic that far along yet to try those) changes, that the robot will read the text on 2 other parts of the screen, and then save those to an Excel file. This seems very possible from what I’ve seen, I’m just a noob.

I’m held up at structuring a loop that will compare an initial screen scrape text against a second scrape, returning a True/False based on the result. I can set the variables from the FullText output, but I’m missing something in how UIPath is structured and contextualizes variables I think.

Getting off the ground here! Back to Googling. Thank you for any help!

Hi @CoyodiSoul welcome to UiPath community. I guess what you want to achieve is to not have a duplicate scrape in your excel file. If that is the case then you can do a lookup of your excel (datatable) to check if your current scrape is already on the excel then if not add it to the excel file.