Compare website values with excel values

Hello, I am doing a project where I need to compare some values in the website with excel values. If I don’t have this value in my excel sheet, I have to copy and paste the value from website to excel, and my process should continue until there are no more values in website to analyse. If I already have this value in my excel, the process should continue and analyse the next value. I know I need to use IF condition but I really don’t know how can I do this because I’m new using UiPath. Can you help me?

may I know which website you are referring to and what exactly you want to compare?
Could you please provide a common example of what you want to search in excel and if not found then search on a website in case you don’t want to share your project details?

1.First you need to extract the data from the website and placed it in excel(Say A1). Using data scrapping for this.

2. Next, read the values from excel using read range workbook activity
3. Use nested for loop to compare two values. Within the inner loop, use If condition and proceed with your requirements.
You can refer below video for reference:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: