Looping through scraped data


I need to scrape a column(containing numbers) on a website.
Then I need to check if the data collected is matched with a column in my Excel.
If, it matches then I perform action A.

If no row matches, them I have a message box saying: “Data does not match!”

I already scraped my data and below is my process:

However, there is an issue.

If there are 3 rows when scraping and only second row matches with data in Excel, then the program does this:

message box saying: “Data does not match!”

Perform action A

message box saying: “Data does not match!”

It is looping through each row individually.
I want it to first check for all rows if it matches with excel data, ONLY THEN it performs Action A.
If initially not matching rows are found then we have the message box saying: “Data does not match!”

Can someone help please?


You can create a variable(say var1).
Assign var1=“Matched” at the start of the workflow.
Inside your for loop, go to else block of if condition and assign var1 = “Does not match” and
then use a break activity. This will break from for loop when data doesn’t match, stops looping and comes out of for loop.
After for loop, use if condition to check if var1 = “Matched” and perform action A

var1 stays “Matched”, only when all the excel data is matching with your scraped data.

Debug by step into activity to understand, how it works.