Web Data Scraping and Excel

I am little new to Uipath. I have a use case in which it will open website and read entire web page based on search criteria filter. Scraping entire content from web page. compare that data key word with data in csv. If web data key match with csv data then i need to write in csv file next column as “matched” or mismatched.

For this activity i have open browser search the keyword. load the web page based on search. I do Data scrapping but on specifiy section. How can i scrape entire page?. and open existing csv file and comapre the keyword and update next column in same csv file.
Please suggest me with proper steps

what kind of data you want to scrap?

Thanks for reply.
That data content is from website which is not in tabular format. It has some section which is very long. I will scrape that section and compare it with csv column which is already there in csv file.

can you share that page ss?

I am sharing my demo project. That page still i dont have link this is one of the demo i am creating for review meeting. Hope u understand… In this sample i am writing in different excel file. I need to write in compare in same expense.csv file next column.
IDBIDemo.zip (1.7 MB)

I will check once i will get free and let u know

Sorry for late reply,
U should try screen scrapping with OCR but i dont understand what you want to compare from that page. Try screen scrapping and you will get preview check is it in ryt format or not.You will get 2 opt for OCR microsoft and google try with both.