Duplicate scrap data search results

I am currently working on a workflow that looks something like this:

What i am trying to do is to let UiPath to read each row of a specified column in my excel file and automate a search. From there on, I used the scrap data activity to help me scrap the results and put them into a new excel sheet. I have no problem in doing the above steps. HOWEVER, the problem that I encounter is that UiPath is repeating the same search for about 4(?) times before it moves on to the next row to carry out the next search. Hence, there are many duplicated results in my excel sheet. Any idea what is happening?

Its weird :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway just wants to know that is your input(Name) is passing correctly(no duplicate) after 4th iteration?
If yes then can you see the difference in the grid values?
If that also true then there must be problem with “Extract Structure Data” Activity.

Hi @ddpadil, What do you mean by the grid values?

I have carry out a few simplified test cases. My test cases are such that there are just two searches: A: with 50 results; and B: with only 10 results. The first test is to have UiPath reads A first then B; and the second test is to have UiPath reads B first then A, and carry out the searches in such order.

As you have already understood that my workflow is to type something into the search engine and then do a search before the extraction, from my observation, I am sure that the duplicate comes from the data scraping as the search function only took place once for each item keyed.

The funny thing is that the duplication always come from the first search ran, and the second search is always working fine.

So, any ideas?

Come on pal. Its so unpredictable . I have nothing to say unless i see your workflow. :slight_smile:

Here you go. I have attached the pictures of my workflow and of course, censoring confidential parts.

I will read NRIC from the excel sheet “Webform”… Then I will use recording to loop it and extract data from the website and append it to another sheet.

As you can see, there is only 4 NRIC data in the “Webform” and logically, I should have 4 iterations. From manual calculations, I should have extracted 18 rows of data from these 4 NRIC data.

However, I got many duplication of the same iteration. (You can see from column A and B)

hi @ddpadil, on top of the above stated issue, I am facing another problem now with data scraping. one of the data that I want to scrap is the date data. I am fine with scraping eg 12/12/2012 dates, but when i scrap single digit date, such as 06/09/2012, it will be appended onto excel as 9/6/2012. This will give me a problem when I want to run this “DateTime.ParseExact(edate, “dd/MM/yyyy”, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)”. Any suggestions or ideas on this?

Hi all, I have attached my workflow since I’m facing the same issue. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


LinkedInAutomation.xaml (92.2 KB)

@ddpadil: Any thoughts on this?

Check now.
LinkedInAutomation.xaml (51.7 KB)