Community edition - small companies

I consider to offer development/implementation services using UiPath CE to small businesses after completing my training.

Is it really free to use it in a production environment?
What is the minimum required hardware infrastructure?
Is there any guarantee you can give these companies on future availability of this Community version?


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Buddy this could help you with the infrastructure needs

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On top of the previous answer, please see our current banner topic:

Basically, you will now get even more for free and the limitation of usage is still the same (small company = smaller than 250 machines or users AND less than 5 million in annual revenue).

Moreover, Community Edition is here to stay! :slight_smile:

In the License Agreement it says AND less than 5 million in annual revenue

Is it wrong? Or are there any plans to change it?

Customer means (i) an individual, (ii) a “ Small-to-Medium Business ” or “ SMB ” meaning an organization, that, together with its Affiliates, collectively have (a) less than 250 machines (physical or virtual) or users and (b) less than, or the equivalent of, USD 5 (five) million in annual revenues, or (iii) “ Large Business ” or “ LB ” meaning an organization that, together with its Affiliates, collectively exceed the limitations set herein for an SMB.


Hi @Wahid.N

This is correct, it would be my mistake in the post above (fixed now).

Basically, very big companies are logically no longer considered as Small-to-Medium businesses.



If I have small company /less 250 machines/ less 5 M revenue/. Can I use Community edition Studio, to build comercial robot for my customer? My customer have license comercial unattendett robot, but don’t have developer license.


Hi @Robert_Zielinski

My initial response would be that “not really”, but it looks to be a weird enough scenario where I would suggest the customer to contact our sales department who will help them decipher this exact situation: