UiPath Community Edition for Small Business

Is Community edition really free for small business with less than 1 million yearly revenue and less the 250 employees?

In licence agreement part “5. SERVICE USE” is some restrictions in service use. My english is not very good and i’am not sure if i have understand part 5 clearly. Is there some restrictions in small business UiPath service use with web pages where you have login, or is part only concerning “Enterprises” test use?

It is!

Thanks for fast and money saving answer :slight_smile:

Good guy UiPath, some Microsoft in its DNA :slight_smile:

the answer is yes or no. I did not understand, they could confirm me please… :thinking: :thinking:

yes :slight_smile:

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Is it strategy for the future that other businesses can build their plans or can we expect it to change in next months/years?

Maciej Gułaj

Hi @Maciej_Gulaj

Community Edition is not going anywhere. In fact, the upper boundary mentioned in the first post of this thread was further increased since then to 5 million yearly revenue instead of 1 :slight_smile:
The exact data is displayed on the comparison page:

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Is Orchestrator license also changed? It was only for evaluation purposes and training before, but is it possible to use CE Orchestrator for real business with CE edition of UiPath now?

Hi @erva

Orchestrator can only be used for evaluation and/or training purposes. See our license agreement: