UiPath Licensing Terms question

If I belong to a large company and use UiPath Studio Community Edition to create a process that will be used by one of our Small customers in their UiPath Community Edition, will I be breaching any licensing agreements? In short, I am only supplying my UiPath process building expertise and charging for only that (not for any of the UiPath software).

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As UiPath Community edition is for Small scale and Individual developers to use

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hi @Srivatsan_Parthasarathy
refer this

and for you, actually that is ok if you providing those by personally.
But if this solution offers by your company , i hope the condition will be differ

so simply , yes you can provide solution for SMBs with under TOU (UiPath Legal Terms | UiPath)

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@Maneesha_de_silva thanks for the reply.
The TOU refers to the end customer who uses the bots hence if the end customer fits the definition of a small company (<5 mil revenue, etc…) I guess the RPA developers from the large organization can develop a bot process for the small customer using the customer’s community studio and deploy the process in the community orchestrator of the small customer. Am I right?


yes exactly, you are right,

Even though for the best compatibility maintain, it’s better to develop form the same version of CE that your small customer who use the versions.

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