Community edition, licence issue

Hey everyone,

I just created an account from the community but in the orchestrator the licence allocation is like below:

and I think because I don’t have a developer licence when I execute a process I get the below error:

This is the first time im using the community edition and I a bit lost. Could anyone provide guidance?

Thank you


Try disabling few bots with attended user license and try executing

Cheers @berkaykor


check in the below

where can I do that?

the orchestrator changed since I last used.

Click on Accounts & Group Then click on Groups their you can edit the allocation of your license.


Go to Ochestrator and check if you are allocated the licenses to others
Tenant->License Page and there you see how much was allocated

Hope this will help you


Hi @berkaykor ,

Check the below post, from your Previous Screenshot, we see that you have the same error at the Top Bar. The Re-allocation of license as mentioned in the post should resolve the issue.


From screenshot we can see wrong licenses are allocated

Please go to tenant…licenses and remove the rpa developer license or change number to 0 and allocate automation developer licenses as 2zzas you have those available

And then go to the machines or robots and allocate the required new licenses accordingly

Hope this helps