Cannot acquire a license when upgrading Community Studio

I’m trying to install the latest version of Studio Community edition to connect to my Orchestrator Community edition to create an unattended robot … am I using all the correct terminology so far ?

This is the error I get in Studio
2022-07-09 10_05_23-UiPath Studio

and I can also see this in Orchestrator
(oops, I can only upload 1 image but the error says “You have more licenses allocated to your services than you have available to your organization. Please adjust the license allocation”

(oops, I can only upload 1 image but the error says “RPA Developer - Named User 2 of 0”

but I don’t know how to fix it.

At the moment I have Studio installed, but can’t connect that to my account.

Just to check that I’m going down the right track … I don’t know if UIPath is the right thing for this job, so let me explain (maybe using the WRONG terms) … I want to create an unattended robot that runs a specific sequence of commands every 30 mins. The commands are to be executed on a Windows computer - go to a website, download a file from SiteA, login to another website (SiteB) and upload the file. I know this sounds like a data pipeline, but the file is not data it’s basically an application-specific ZIP file that contains data and other files that needs to be in a specific format. SiteB only accepts manual logins - username and password before being allowed to upload the file. A human can do this job easily, but we don’t want a human to do the work every 30 mins of the day obviously :wink:

Here’s the kicker … it’s for a nonprofit so the cheapest option is the best … preferably $0

Hello @Chris_McClellan

You need to allocate the license and need connect with your machine. Then your robot will get connected to orchestrator. Please check the below video.

I couldn’t allocate my licenses as well. I had some old license assigned in Orchestrator, and even after i deleted all robots from tenant there was no option to delete those old licenses from cloud so I just deleted my tenant and created new one. Of course, if you do that, you will delete everything.

I’ve not got any data that I required to save, so i just cleared everything :wink: