Added RPA Developer Named user license in orchestrator

Hello Guys

I have added RPA developer Named user in Orchestrator and added the robot to it but
in the License page in orchestrator I can find the license with 0 percentage

What should I need to do to assign it 100 %
Its Urgent

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Can you check if the Orchestrator is connected or not?
From Bot VM/Machine check by opening UiPath Assistant and click on Orchestrator Settings and see the status is Connected


Yes it is connected

Hi @Sudharsan_AIT

Check if below steps works for you

Click Manage → Tenants ->Edit license allocation (you will have an option to edit your license information)


If I click on the license I can only see the “See more” option below the license there is no edit license allocation

Hi @Sudharsan_AIT

Check under Tenants Link.



I am using Orchestrator 2021.4.0 Version