What's wrong with license utilization - Cloud Community license


I’m using free Cloud Community Orchestrator.
I’m confused since there’s message that I am utilizing 2 licenses out of 0 available in Automation Cloud view:

But in tenant under licenses I see 0 out of 2 RPA Developer licenses:

Which should be valid, since I removed all robots from all users in my only tenant.
Is there is something wrong with my Orchestrator? Can this be reason I am unable add Unattended robot even when I have 1 license available (showing error that I don’t have available licenses when I try to do that).


You need to correctly assign the licenses to your tenant.
Just go on Admin > Tenants > Edit License allocation

Here, just edit the licenses:

is just an idea, might help.


Hi @mateuszmacheta

For older accounts, this is due to the small change where Community users were granted access to Studio Pro. It was technically achieved by adding 2 Pro licenses while removing the 2 standard ones.

However, to not break currently connected robots / other configuration, it was left up to each user to do the switch.

Well, now I’m pro :sunglasses: Thank you @loginerror!

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