Column does not exist.........filter activity

i have excel in which i am tring for filter activity. but it showing error “column does not exist”. I think its because my all column staring from row12.if this is the reason then what should i do?


In filter activity

In the range give 12th row range



in read range activity set startingCell = A12 , where A is the starting column (can changeif needed)

while reading excel set the range as “A:12”
as shown in below attached pic-

Hello @Hemant_Deshmukh

  1. Read Range: Read the Excel data into a DataTable, let’s call it “excelDataTable.”

  2. Assign: Create a new DataTable to store the filtered data, e.g., “filteredDataTable.”

  3. Filter Data Table:

    • Input DataTable: excelDataTable
    • Output DataTable: filteredDataTable
    • Filter Wizard: Set your filter conditions here, for example:
      Column: [YourColumnHeader]
      Operation: “equals”
      Value: “YourValue”
  4. For Each Row: Loop through the filteredDataTable to process the filtered data.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

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