Unable to perform filter activity

Hi Friends,

Could any one help on below error, i tried to perform filter data activity for excel but unable to perform please have look below error and advise


My Excel column names

given column names for filter table activity

Thanks in advance


First, can you check your Read Range Activity - Add Headers property is true?


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hi @Yoichi

Thanks for your response

As per your request i have cross checked in the read range activity - Add header property is checked and it’s true…:slightly_frowning_face:


Thank you for checking.

Can you try the following?

  1. Set breakpoint at the Filter DataTable Activity and run debug mode.
  2. Then program will stop at the activity, so you can check content of your datatable at Locals panel as the following image. Please check if it is same as what you expected.


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hi @Yoichi

Really thanks for your help!
I tried to put break point for filter activity, could please advise how to check property value after break point placed Hence, am new to uipath please :slight_smile:


Basic steps would be the following.

  1. Set breakpoint at the Filter DataTable Activity (click Breakpoint on DebugTab in Ribbon)
  2. Click Debug File in Ribbon
  3. Then program stop at the activity.
  4. You can see DT1 in Locals Panel. And you can also see details if you click magnifying glass icon.

Which step have you completed?


Hi @Dhanraj_Guduru,

Try this xaml,it should work.
ExcelFilterActivity.xaml (7.8 KB)

Column names in Filter wizard should be case sensitive.

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Dear @Yoichi

Really sorry for late replay
I just gone through according to your steps below is the screen shot


Can you try the filter with “age” instead of “Age” as that is how the column is in the excel.

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Hi @RajeshT

Thanks for your help!
I just downloaded and debug the process still error is reflecting,am not sure whats wrong in my pc

hi @SowmyaLeo

thanks for your help! i just removed age from filter used only income column now it’s working good :slight_smile:


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