Filter data table in excel


I have used filter data table activity for the filter of excel in different sheet but sheet is coming blank. Please suggest me different way to achieve this or pls let me know if I am missing something.


can you share you requirement please, also which error are you getting


Hi @fernando_zuluaga ,

I am not getting any error but new filtered sheet is coming blank.


share your data, and which ouput do you need, so we can help you

@fernando_zuluaga ,

Unable to attach a excel file here as it contain many confidential data. but yes excel sheet has more than 1000 rows and 50 columns. is there any way to filter this kind of excel?


Hello @Riya1 ,

DId you check whether the Datatable after reading the excel is having some data? If you haven’t checked, either you can run it in debug mode and verify, else use output datatable activity and convert datatable to string. Then use a message box to print the result.

Please check it is having some data.

If its working fine, then plz sahre the screenshot of the filter activity property.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Value is not coming properly. Can you pls tell what needs to be done?



Values is not coming from read range? Then you have to check the range and sheet which you have configured.

Share the properties here.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan , I mean all value is not printing only some column value is printed.


If you are reading from an excel it will fetch all the value as a datatable. Will it possible to share the doc and the workflow here.

Lets have a look.

Try to read the excel from workbook and excel scope and check the Output by using write range and still if all the data’s are not coming
try to use the mordern excel activity “use excel file” and change the read formatting based on your needs

Demo11.xlsx (155.2 KB)
Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,



Hi @Aasif ,

I am unable to find Use excel activity in my UiPath.
Is there any other way to filter the large number of data in excel?


Can u say me based on which column u need to do filter.

@Aasif ,

Need to filter 5-6 columns.

Hi @Riya1,

can you plz share your Filter Wizard for more clarification, like below Screenshot

Did u got any errors while processing, the file u uploaded contains duplicate name, means u are having two FEES column. It throws me an error

@Aasif ,

I am not getting any error but filtered sheet is coming blank.


@Riya1 Did u attached the same excel u r using or different

in I & V column u r having same name “FEES” so definitely u too will get error if u r using the same excel

@Aasif ,I column name is different it’s fees status.