Can no longer run from Orchestrator

Since a couple of days I can no longer start robots from Orchestrator. I’m running Community edition, Studio 2019.10.4. It’s always been working well before but not now.
From Orchestrator I see the two robots available and fine but when trying to Run a process there are no robot to select.
Using the UiPath App I can see the robots available but when starting I get error “The specified robot(s) id(s) are invalid”.

What type of Robots did you provision? As of 20.3 you must use a Unattended or Non-Production Robot Types to trigger jobs.


Go to Orchestrator > Management > Robot
Select to open your robot item, then change type of robot to Unattended or Non-Production

Thank you. I’ve done that. Not getting the error message any more but still it doesn’t work. Now it just says in state “Pending” when trying to run from Orchestrator.

Thank you. I definitely seems to be the case but on the other hand I can’t see how that happened since I’m on Studio version 2019.10.4.

It is Orchestrator where this change was made and not Studio.

Aha, I’m using the cloud based orchestrator so it may be it then.

@HenrikX - In Execution Target -> have you selected Specific robots and choose the robot or selected Allocate Dynamically?

I chose specifically the one that is unattended.

Is the Robot still a member of the environment that the process was created in? Assuming you are using Classic folder and not a Modern Folder.

Yes, I’ve always had the same environment (I only have one). I’ve never experienced with folders so I definitely didn’t think of that as a possible problem but actually, when I switched from studio->unattended->studio I do get an error message about access to folder(!). Where is that folder? Looking in the Orchestrator i find only one called Default.

By default Modern folders is not enabled. The Default would be what is referred to as a Classic Folder (previously known as Organizational Units in older Orchestrators).

Management > Folders

If you have more than one folder it is managed by the drop down on the top right. In my screenshot it says “asdf Modern Folder”

Can you show a screenshot of when/where you are getting the error?

Thank you so much for your efforts. No I only have Default - Classic folder there. Nothing else.
Somehow one of the two robots actually do work as unattended now. It’s just that the one I usually use doesn’t start from Orchestrator when it’s unattended. I think I might leave it as it is. Just annoyed that new problems arise with Uipath ever now and then and it takes so much effort trying to get back to a normal situation.

If you can share some screenshots of and more details about your setup, I’m sure we could figure it out. The community can only offer suggestions based on the details provided and in some scenarios there is more then one cause.

Glad to hear you have one of the Robots working.

I’d love to but not sure what screen shots are needed. Let me try three.

Skärmavbild 2020-03-26 kl. 08.51.23 Skärmavbild 2020-03-26 kl. 08.51.13