Pending Allocation - Modern Folder, Floating Unattended Robot

@badita I’m testing this out, but running into some troubles with the jobs staying in a pending state.

  • Ui Robot (19.10.4) registered as a service
  • Orchestrator (Community)
  • Machine Template “A” defined with 1 Unattended Runtime
  • User “B” associated with an Unattended Robot using my domain credentials
  • Modern Folders I already had enabled
  • User “B” is added to Modern Folder “C” inheriting permissions from the tenant
  • Machine “A” added to Modern Folder “C”

Robot shows as Unattended Floating and available in the Monitoring > Robots. Licensing shows 1 Unattended runtime of 1 is consumed.

Simple project that logs the PrimaryScreen.Bounds as well as takes a full screen screenshot published as a process in Modern Folder “C”.

Start Job in Modern Folder “C” shows as expected and has the option of selecting Unattended Robot from User “B”.

Is there a version conflict using 19.10.4 as my Robot Service? Or anything I would be overlooking?

Oh, yes. You need the new robot. The classic one works only in “classic” mode. You can get it from cloud (only exe, no service mode).


I’m assuming the Enterprise MSI for 20.x will be in the next week or so when Cloud Enterprise is also updated?

I hadn’t updated using the Community Beta as right now I do have Robot registered as a service and we have a mixed environment 2018.3 in Production (Will be upgraded soon to 19.10.18) and 19.10.18 in our non-prod.

Would there be conflicts in working on older projects in the newer Studio assuming I don’t upgrade the packages that are not backwards compatible from 19.x to 20.x?

I will give it a whirl… nothing like having multiple installations to make for an unsupported scenario

To take advantage of modern folders you need to upgrade UiPath.System.Activities to 19.10+