Client Secuirty Hash-Credential

I have a doubt. My credentials are stored in Orch as an asset. How to they evaluate?
They need to have my orch credential or my machine must be connected to their robot ryt?
I am bit worried about it

Hi @KarthikBallary

For evaluation they dont need your machine or robots because that credentials only for the log in. you passed your credential in your workflow right so it will work automatically while running . So dont worry about it

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Robot → studio must connect to Orchestrator while retrieving the credentials @KarthikBallary. then it will check for the name of the assets you are passing and then it will get the values from there

Orch is from my account ryt?

So what if my credentials of ACME and RPA Academy are different whats the reason behind they instructed to keep it same?

Is that evaluation is automated? No human interaction

Credentials can be different but the Email id should be the same.
Cheers @KarthikBallary

Okay, so no worries but secuirty? that password is kept confidential ryt? suppose if I intentially give wrong pwd in my orch still it is evaluated?


For assets extra level of security is provided, as all credentials stored here are encrypted with the AES 256 algorithm

If you change intentially then it will take the changed credentials only


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