Why status Failed in robot assignment 1 advanced traing RPA developer


My Calculate Client Security Hash robot works smoothly without any errors. All the work items are updated with the right hascode in comment field en status is completed. Still I got status failed. Also i got a failed status in academy… without any feedback.

Who can give me feedback?

Hello @eddycarsouw can you try posting your completed project here so that I can have a look, perhaps you missed something in the assignment.

Hello @BenMar
Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_532019.zip (518.9 KB)
I attached the assignment in a zip in this message. I hope you can help me.


First, Your workflow result show correct items, score 0
and then i confirm your workflow…something different my workflow.

I’m using get Orchestrator Credential attribute at getAppCredential, but you are using get secure credential.

this assignment must use Orchestrator cendential info.

Hello @eddycarsouw, sorry for the late response.
I was able to get a look at your project and the two things that I noticed immediately were that:

  • You were using the “Test-Credential” Value in the in_Credential attribute of your GetAppCredentials Workflow. You must use the “System1_Credential”
  • Also change the AssetName value of your Get Orchestrator Credential activity to the name of the asset provisioned in the Orchestrator and saved in the config file in this case it’s “ACME_Credential”.

Hello BenMar,

Thanks for your help. I have done exactly what you described. The robot is running completely well again, but still the next result. Which I probably still don’t succeed with. Do you have any further instructions?


Hello @eddycarsouw, When you run the process can you actually see the results in the ACME test site?
(i.e. The status of all the WI5 transactions being changed to completed).
If yes, then the execution was a success. If not then there’s still some problem within the workflow/assignment itself. Which we can work on later.
Now, if the status was indeed changed to “Completed” then please don’t reset the test data after running the assignment, but submit it immediately. Resetting the test data before submitting the assignment has caused a failing grade to some of the other takers as I’ve observed before.

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend!



Yes all work items have been completed correctly. I immediately made a print screen of the Check Assignment Result and uploaded it to the Academy portal. Very frustrating, because I got the message again that I had failed. I’ve been working on this for a long time to get this right. Although the robot is running well I just can’t manage to succeed in the Academy portal. I also don’t know how to contact UiPath to present this.

Do you know how I can handle this further? So I never pass this assignment.


Hello @BenMar,

Perhaps you can help me with this?:
In attached document I describe that I don’t know how too remove spaces after dash. As you can see I have a space after the dash in the result of Assignment no1 Calculate hash client. Strange, because as you can see below (in document), I have not included any space in the expression editor. Who can help me get this right. Because despite the fact that my robot is running perfectly, I cannot pass the assignment Calculation hash client.

Space after dash result Calculate Hash Client.pdf (140.9 KB)

Hello @eddycarsouw, was the previously updated workflow still the current one? Or have you recently made any changes? I’d like to take a look at the current workflow at my break later.