Calculate client security hash Project is Correct but still failed in UIpath portal

Hello All,

I am doing RPA developer Advance training and in that i have to submit the assignment, “calculate client security hash”, My Project is working fine in my laptop, I have submitted My Project but still it is sawing failed. Can you please help me out how to solved the issue.

Ajit Patel


Welcome to our uipath community.

Could you check assignment evaluation result and check where it got failed.

Make sure you used same credentials in both ACME and Academy sites. And also don’t reset data before uploading assignment for evaluation.

How to change my username and password is different then how do i have to change in the program…, I have done in Orchestrate but still facing the same issue.


Create new account in ACME site with the same credentials you used in Academy.

I have done that and run the program but still it is taking same Credential


Is your Robot machine connected to Orchestrator or not ?

If it’s not connected then it should read credentials from Windows Credential manager and check it once Whether it contains old or new credentials.

Done and uploaded still its failed after uploaded the Zip file for evaluation.

hey Ajit how did you resolve that issue of the score coming zero ,I am also facing the same issue .how can you please help me with that