Client Secuirty Hash-get text

I am getting error client secuirty hash sha1 online get text

cannot read that hash code throwing error selector not found

webctrl id=‘result-sha1’ aaname=‘*’



Use these activities inside Attach Browser activity and then try once.

Ok it got resolved. Now I need to attach that project to RPA Academy.

What about the credential?

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Is it safe?


If you are using Orchestrator then save credentials in Orchestrator Assets else save it in Windows credential manager.

I have save it in orchestrate only but as global not per robot


It’s ok. No problem.

Just make sure you are using same credentials for Academy and Acme site and also don’t reset ACME data before uploading assignment for evaluation.

Ok thanks. Do I need to erase any data before submiting

I have uploaded the file but failed thrice. I don’t know whats the issue.
For me its working fine, its showing correct items zero.

Yearly generated report work has not been started

Hi it got resolved!!

But I have a doubt. My credentials are stored in Orch as an asset. How to they evaluate?
They need to have my orch credential or my machine must be connected to their robot ryt?
I am bit worried about it


That’s why they mentioned to use same credentials for Academy and ACME site starting only.

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