Clicking webpage vertical bar does not work

I tried to automate clicking web page vertical bar to find a particular hiding button due to the screen size. I only need one click on the vertical bar and the particular button will appear if I manually do it. But the click activity does not work for this case. I tried to use send hotkey activity such as down arrow key, end etc. None of these send hotkey works. Anyone can help me with this issue? I use IE.

By the way, I have CE studio and the Run button has changed the color from green to blue, Anyone knows why?

Thank you very much for your help.



Once try with Click Image activity.

Hi @mjh
You were almost done
But we need to use pgdn key in send hot key and include send hot key activity as much as needed until it reaches the end of the page and try with a click activity with simulate click property enabled.

Hope that would work

Hi @mjh

I don’t think you need to scroll down a web page to find an element right below. In web page automations, if you have a valid selector for the UI element, it will find it irrespective of its location or whether its shown in the screen or not. I have used this same mechanism to automate quite lengthy web pages which I really didn’t need to use scrolling.

Just get a good selector generates for the button you need to click and have a click activity. It will do it for you and the scrolling will happen automatically…

Hi @mjh
Try to use Click activity with marked SendWindowsMessage or SimulateClick